Do You Need a Spine Surgeon? Best Spine Doctor

This can be a serious question that you may have to ask yourself, especially if you are experience significant back pain.  While surgery may be an option, it should almost always be the last option.
Most people do just about everything possible to prevent a surgical procedure on the spine.  The resulting scar tissue from being cut open can often cause more pain and discomfort long term than the original ailment.
Of course this really depends on what kind of back injury, affliction you are experiencing.  Some problems people have like a disc herniation can actually be treated very successfully with a minimally invasive surgical procedure.  It is important to make sure that you have fully checked out the physician prior to the procedure to make sure that you feel they are the right choice.
spinesurgeonstlouis-doctorIt is good to know that you also have other options than surgery available to you if you are experiencing back pain.  One of the quickest way to ease up on the pressure of the spine is by actively managing your weight.  People that are overweight or even just carrying around a few extra pounds can often clear up back pain issues by starting an exercise program and focusing on eating healthy, nourishing foods.
One way to make sure that your body is getting the correct nutrients is by juicing vegetables and fruit.  This lessens the impact on your digestive system since you are only consuming the juice from the vegetables and fruit, not the whole item.  By taking advantage of this method of delivering nutrition you can definitely provide large amounts of vitamins and minerals to the body, giving it what it needs.  There are lots of juicing recipes which allow for lots of variety and flavors.  Here is one on Amazon that you can download instantly to your Kindle:
Some of the other options that can be very effective when used in conjunction with exercise and proper nutrition are:
  • Delivering electrical impulses through the skin
  • Reduce pressure on the lower spine with bracing
  • Breaking down scar tissue
  • Interrupt the pain signals with a spine stimulator
  • Ice and/or Heat therapy
  • Exercise
The future of back pain treatment is wide open for innovation.  Currently no invasive surgeries are significantly shortening recovery times.
Do not be surprised if in the near future stem cells are being used to treat the damaged nerves and tissues surrounding a spinal injury.  Research is being done on these methods currently is showing big promise for the future of spine surgeons and patients.


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