What Are Nutritional Diseases?

The Modern Nutritional Diseases, Fred and Alice Ottoboni, retired Public Health Service scientists, list the following.
• Obesity
• Diabetes II
• Cardiovascular Diseases
• Stroke.
• Cancer.
These diseases appeared about 80 to 120 years ago when grocery stores began carrying "food" manufactured by the food processing industry instead of that produced on family farms.
When foods are prepared by industry, nutrients are lost, and empty calories appeared in the products on grocery store shelves. Nutritious preparations have not been a target of the food processing industry. They have been concerned with taste and shelf life.
When diets and nutrition began to change, the change was to modern diets, nutritional diseases, and declining health.
Migration to the cities and slums took place with the rise of industry. Not every one fancied life on the farm as the ultimate goal in life. Food had to be obtained from the grocery store.
Whole Food Diets of the Ages and Health
The ageless whole food diets, followed for thousands of years, gave people immunity to many diseases that plague us today. Those who followed their ageless diets were virtually free from dental decay, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and cancer. As long as they remained on their whole food diets they were free from the debilitating diseases that grip us today.
Whole foods diets included fish from the sea or lakes. Animal meat sources, including animal fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, came from their flocks: cattle, goats and sheep, various kinds of fowl, clean raw whole milk, butter and cheese. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain breads rounded out these diets.
Along with the change in diet and nutrition, there was a subtle change in the attitudes of some in the medical profession. This changing attitude helped solidify the transition from nutritional health and wholeness to the physical and moral degeneration afflicting most civilized countries today.
Plan of the Website
Do I have your attention now? I hope so. The health of you and your family may depend on understanding the evidence.
We’ll begin a journey that will review research results in books and articles. For those who enjoy the technicalities, we’ll share references. It’s quite a journey. We’ll learn where we need to go to obtain the health and wholeness these marvelous bodies can give us.
We’ll learn what food stuffs to avoid so we can reduce the development of nutritional diseases. We’ll also learn what foods will help lead us to the health with which these bodies were endowed. By the way, where do we need to go to reclaim the health with which these marvelous bodies were endowed?
Back to the days when family and farmer's gardens supplied us with wholesome fruits, vegetables, and meats free from the poisons applied today. Back to the days when conscientious farmers supplied us with clean raw whole milk from pasture fed cattle.
There's a health care crisis in this country. Seniors on fixed incomes don't have dental insurance. Thousands of children without health insurance are being made a political football. Those old enough to be on Medicare are told by some providers they don't take Medicare patients.
I am absolutely sure I would rather have the health some primitive peoples once had than access to health insurance. It is possible to have better health than what the supermarket shelves provide. It will require education, perhaps hard decisions, and changes in lifestyle.
As one lady said in a TV ad she has just one life and one body, and she wants to get it right. Her choice didn't get her the best result. But for you it can happen. The road starts here. There is hope, but nothing worthwhile ever comes without effort and dedication.


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